Why Sonar Bangla Is Different

When you visit a Restaurant, what do you expect? Good Food? Good Service? Friendly Staff? Is that all? Or do you want to have a great experience on top of the good food, good service and polite behaviour?  We think we can safely say that you want a Great experience above all.

Well, the regular visitors to Sonarbangla would tell you that on top of the great food and excellent service, they come here for the experience ! A lot of them treat us as their family and Sonarbangla is like a meeting place for a lot of the regulars. Cuffley is a small village and most of the people know each other and at the end of a busy day at work, they come here to de-stress and catch up with each other.

Lot of the Premiership and England International  Footballers have been regulars here as well as Celebrities in other fields. But the celebrities can come here knowing that they can have a meal quietly and in peace without being hassled for autographs etc.

We have been here for the last 20 years and some of the visitors who were little children all those years ago visiting us accompanied by their parents, now come in as adults with their partners and their own children !

Our Chef also has been with us for the last 16 years and he seems to get better and better with time. He has mastered the art and anything he makes seems to magically transform in to something unreal !

Hassan is very innovative and he has created some exceptional dishes by improving upon some of the traditional ones. So, whatever else happens, you won’t ever be bored here at Sonarbangla.

We are not suggesting that you should just try a different dish every time you come in. Some people just stick to their Chicken Zinga or Chicken Tikka Mossala. And that’s perfectly fine too. But what we are saying is if you want to try something different and something which you cannot get at any other Indian/Bangladeshi restaurant, you would want to come to us.

If you want to taste the best, you need to try our Kursi Lamb dish. It’s really simply Fantastic ! I can confidently say, this is our best. Just ask some of the regulars who have had it.

Our King Prawns are of course from Bangladesh and they are the best in the world. You may say we are biased and that may be true, but again our regulars would vouch for us. So there you go.

Let me tell you something very interesting. Our Facebook page was created by Vicki and she managed it for several years. Though she recently allowed Mogni access to it, she still keeps an eye on it and updates it. Vicki is one of our most loyal customers. Customer is probably the wrong word to use here. She is a friend; actually more than that. She is like a family member.

So if you want to have a real experience as well as great food; whether the best Lamb Chops in the world or best Grilled chicken liver, you owe it to yourself to visit Sonarbangla Restaurant in Cuffley.

We are open everyday from 6PM to 11PM except Christmas day and Boxing day (The lads deserve those two days off; don’t you agree?)

We are at 27 Station Road, Cuffley EN6 4HX and you can call us on 01707 874505.