We opened in 1997. So it’s already 21 years ! Seems like yesterday ! Time really flies. There have been so many changes during this time. Some people moved away. Some have moved in. But most of you have been coming in since the beginning. Some still make a long journey to come and see us every now and then.

It’s great to have a relationship like that. We love all of you. Isn’t it a great feeling when you come back from your holidays, you come straight to Sonar Bangla even before going home. Some have relatives visiting you from as far away as Australia or New Zealand and you bring them to Sonar Bangla. When they comeback for their next visit, again they want to come to Sonar Bangla !

Hassan has been in restaurant business for nearly Thirty years now. So he has learnt a lot about the trade in that time. That’s why he can create something new for you almost instantly ! That must be unique . I don’t think you would meet many people in the trade who can match that.

Rather than blowing our own Trumpet, we would rather let you be the judge.

We are open everyday between 6PM and 11PM.  Fridays and Saturdays a bit longer till 11.30 PM.

We are located at 27 Station Road, Cuffley, EN6 4HX

Tel: No. 01707 874505